The Myth of Hard Work

Everything You Need to Know About Wall Street, in One Brief Tale

One example of the mortgage fraud that is “not the banks’ fault.” Those poor blameless rich folk, giving out crap bonds, reaping a fortune, and then being asked to give up that money because it was illegally gotten—what is this world coming to when rich men are not respected?

I swear, even medieval serfs had enough wit to know when to revolt against tyrants. Us? We worship ours. We love looking at (and mocking) their excessive lifestyles, long to be just like them, but never say “boo” when they get that money by stepping on our heads. They “worked hard” for that money, don’cha know?

Well, you bet your ass a burglar works hard getting into our houses and carrying our electronics and other valuables out, but we don’t cut them any slack. Maybe we would if they wore more expensive suits?

I refuse to receive more emails from [Verchleiser] (or anyone else) questioning why we’re not funding loans every day. I’m holding each of you responsible for making sure we fund at least 500 each and every day… I was not happy when I saw the funding numbers and I knew NY would NOT BE HAPPY… I expect to see 500+ every day. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure you’re successful in meeting this objective.  

Whenever any right-wing loon, or Bloombergite, tries to tell you the mortgage crisis was caused by the government forcing the poor banks to lend to broke black people, please direct them to this [email] passage. The banks not only wanted to give out these loans, they wanted to give them out at the speed of light. They wanted to crank them out so fast that their own auditors literally couldn’t read the writing on the loan applications. This was greed, not policy. Anybody who says anything else is high on something.”